Emergency Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System For Emergency Medical Services

What is Emergency Vehicle Tracking System?

Every second counts in a medical emergency, so it is important for ambulances to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. An emergency vehicle tracking system from PinCox makes it easier for healthcare facilities and private services to respond to emergency calls as efficiently as possible. PinCox uses Live Trac technology that provides real-time updates about your ambulances. This makes it possible for your business to save more lives while saving more money.

Benefits of Emergency Vehicle Tracking System

Live and Historical Location Tracking

Send Ambulance's live location and the speed at which it is travelling to Hospital Authorities. We can also check the historical location of Ambulance.

Multiple Admin Access

The radio technologies and GPS system offer multiple admin access which can help the emergency service providers to assign access to different managers for different locations.

Enhance Security

The GPS tracking system has an SOS button which can be triggered by driver in case of any emergency situations that alerts the admins or authorities.

Assign the Nearest Ambulance

When the hospital gets a call for emergency ambulance service, the manager can assign an ambulance which is nearest to the location of emergency.

Assess Driver’s Behaviour

Score drivers on the basis of overspeding, SLA violation & verious others metrics.

Securing the Ambulance

With the help of geo-fence feature, the security of ambulance vehicles can be maintained.

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