Attendance Management System

Paperless, Secure and Transparent system to monitor and track employee attendance in real time.

What is Attendance Management System?

Eliminate the need for manual timesheets with automatically calculated hours. Automated time tracking is as easy as a click to start a shift and another click to end it. Without real time attendance management, work is challenging and full of compromises. Real time automation of attendance enables smooth operations and improves productivity. Attendance Management System covers the requirements of the Personnel Department in terms of Manpower Analysis, day-to-day monitoring of the Attendance, Maintaining Statutory Registers, Monitoring of Leave Records, Calculation of Overtime and transfer of relevant information to the Payroll System.

Benefits of Employee Tracking System


Know real time who has marked their attendance or not. Including those who are on leave or who are on their weekly off. from one simple screen. Complete HRMS solution for attendance.

Attendance from Varied Sources

Record real-time attendence from Mobile Devices, Third-party Hardwares, automatically through geo-fence whenever employee enter or exit geo-fence area defined.

Biometric and Payroll Integration

Integrate with biometric devices and payroll software to auto-capture employee time stamps and reduce the chance for payroll errors.

Employee Portal

Employees can view their attendance information in a comprehensive and user-friendly calendar view on all devices, including mobiles. Employee can also send a regulization and leave request.

Overtime Calculations

Apply Overtime for individuals or groups, daily or monthly, in just a few clicks.

Reporting & Analyses

Real-time reports provide insights to the management to make better decisions. We have many inbuilt reports and dashboards, which can be downloaded in various formats.

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